This release marks our first versioned release of Arroyo since we open-sourced the engine in April.

We’re excited to welcome three new contributors to the project:

With the 0.2.0 release, we are continuing to push forward on features, stability, and productionization. We’ve added native Kubernetes support and easy deployment via a Helm chart, expanded our SQL support with features like JSON functions and windowless joins, and made many more fixes and improvements detailed below.


Native Kubernetes support

As of release 0.2.0, Arroyo can natively target Kubernetes as a scheduler for running pipelines. We now also support easily running the Arroyo control plane on Kubernetes using our new helm chart.

See the docs for all the details.

Nomad deployments

Arroyo has long had first-class support for Nomad as a scheduler, where we take advantage of the very low-latency and lightweight scheduling support. Now we also support Nomad as an easy deploy target for the control plane as well via a nomad pack.

See the docs for more details.

  • Support for deploying Arroyo to a nomad cluster by @mwylde in #50

SQL features

With this release we are making big improvements in SQL completeness. Notably, we’ve made our JSON support much more flexible with the introduction of SQL JSON functions including get_json_objects, get_first_json_object, and extract_json_string.

We’ve also added support for windowless joins.

Here are some of the highlights:

Connectors, Web UI, and platform support

Arroyo now supports SASL authentication for Kafka and FreeBSD



See the full changelog: