To try out Arroyo, you can run a single node cluster on your machine. This guide will walk you through the process.

With Docker

The easiest way to get started running Arroyo is with the single-node Docker image. This contains all of the services you need to get a test Arroyo system up and running.

$ docker run -p 8000:8000

If you get an error like

Error starting userland proxy: listen tcp4
bind: address already in use.

Then you have another service running on that port. Either stop that service, or rebind to a different port with -p 8002:8000 for example.

This will run all of the core Arroyo services and a temporary Postgres database. The Web UI will be exposed at http://localhost:8000.

Note that this mode should not be used for production, as it does not persist configuration state and does not support any distributed runtimes.


Arroyo can easily be run locally as well. Currently Linux and MacOS are well supported as development environments.

To run Arroyo locally, follow the steps in the development guide.

Next steps

Now you’re ready to create your first pipeline! Continue on to the tutorial to learn how.