The Webhook sink can send pipeline outputs to any HTTP server. This can be used to connect Arroyo with a variety of web systems. Requests are sent as POSTS to the configured endpoint. Headers be configured on the source, while the body is determined by the SQL query using the specified format.

Configuring the Connection

Polling HTTP sources can be created via the Web UI or directly in SQL.

Webhook sink creationg flow

A webhook connector has several required and optional fields:

endpointThe endpoint for the HTTP serverYes
headersA comma-separated list of colon separated key-value pairs of headers that will be sent to the serverNoContent-Type:application/json,Authorization: Bearer mytoken

For example, we can send query outputs to a Slack channel via the Slack webhook API:

    text TEXT
) WITH (
    connector = 'webhook',
    endpoint = '',
    headers = 'Content-Type:application/json',
    format = 'json'